Second Journey (MS 107/1/1-2)

27th October 1777


[27th October 1777]

[annotated on page 29:]

[S'morgens om agt] [Smiddags] [om ses] [om agt]
Gr 56 66 54 54

In de morgen weinig regen, tegen de middag. mooy weer frisse z:o: wind

bleven hieromtrent botaniseren, zynde onse wagen niet als om vier uren dezen namiddag gearriveerd, vonden verscheide extra fraaye ixiaas en gladiolus en antolisas. ook enige vierkante bruine pyriten in een beekje dat hier by het huis loopt. gingen dese plaats aftekenen, en alles tot onse verdere reis besorgen.


[27th October 1777]

Temperature. 8 o’ clock in the morning afternoon 12 o'clock 6 o’clock in the evening and 8 o'clock
56 66 54 54

A little rain in the morning. Fine weather towards noon. Fresh south-east wind.

Stayed around here and botanised, our wagon having arrived only at four o'clock this afternoon. We found various particularly beautiful ixias, gladioli and antholysas, as well as some four-sided brown pyrites in a little brook that flows beside the house here. We went to draw this farm and prepare everything for our further journey.