Fifth Journey (MS 107/4)

15th January 1786


[15th January 1786]

vertrok met draayen de berg af na de soute vlakte by de Weduwe krieger alwaar na 3 en ¾ uur te paard arriveerde, de wagen na 7 en ¾.

15 koel frisse wind met de son rond s’avonds stil.
term 70 ­ 84 ­ 80
de swarte bergen in het z: op 2 myl.


[15th January 1786]

Departed down the mountain with many loops to Soutevlakte, belonging to the Widow Krieger, where I arrived after a 3¾
hours’ ride. The wagon took 7¾ hours.

15 Cool fresh wind veering with the course of the sun. Calm in the evening.
Thermometer: 70-84-80.
The Swarte Bergen 2 miles to the south.