Fifth Journey (MS 107/4)

16th January 1786


[16th January 1786]

s’morgens vroeg na boven drift in buffels rivier
2400 voet gedaald brete 33˚ ­ 6' ­ 24". g. n.w.
1 uur te paard. s’avons 3½ uur o ½. st n. na rietfontein

16 warm donder wolken in n.o. de wind dwarlde rond
n.b. dit veld krygt geen noorde regens in winter dog moet van donderweer bestaan.
de weduwe krieger had een fraaye tuin met vrugten term: 80 ­ 96 ­ 90.


[16th January 1786]

Early in the morning to Bovendrift in the Buffels River. Descended 2400 feet. Latitude: 33 degrees 6 minutes 24 seconds north-west 1 hour’s ride. In the evening 3½ hours ½ east by north to Rietfontein.

16 Hot. Thunder clouds in the north-east. The wind whirled round.
N.B. This country gets no northerly rains in winter but must rely on thunderstorms. Widow Krieger had a fine garden with fruit.
Thermometer: 80-96-90.