Third Journey (MS 107/2)

5th October 1778


[5th October 1778]

vertrokken onse oude weg terug en arriveerden na by de Schuilhoek wat uitgespannen te hebben, met sons ondergank by Gordons of brakke rivier, daar wy campeerden, alle die riviertjes lopen in plettenbergs rivier. thermometer s’ 37 rees met het heetste 73 en daalde tot 57 na son. namen een zeekoej bul vel mede
sag mercurius voor sons opgang. Seer fraaij. sagen sommige van voornoemdt wilt dog joegen niet doordien de hr gouverneur, gaarn in vier daagen weer over sneeuw berg wilde zyn. z:o: frisse wind schoon weer.


[5th October 1778]

Departed, going back on our old course and arrived, after having outspanned for a while near Schuijlhoek, at Gordon’s river (or Brack River) at sunset and there we camped. All these rivulets run into the Plettenberg River.
Thermometer 37 deg., rose at its hottest to 73 degrees and dropped to 57 degrees after sunset. We took the skin of a hippopotamus bull with us. I saw Mercury before sunrise; it was very beautiful. We saw some of the aforementioned game but did not hunt as the Lord Governor would like to be back over the Sneeuberg within the next four days.
Fresh south-east wind. Fine weather.