Third Journey (MS 107/2)

17th November 1778


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[17th november 1778]

term 66 ­ t 84 d t 52 stil helder warm veel sneeuw op de bergen ten noorden.
barometer by de vos 28 ­ 0
Sond een man te paard na de Caap om enige medicynen.
met den middag fris n:w: het welk regen wolken aanbragt.


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[17th November 1778]

Thermometer 66 degrees, rising to 84 degrees, dropping to 52. Calm, clear and hot. Much snow on the mountains to the north.
Barometer at De Vos, 28 inches and 0 tenths.
Sent a man to Cape Town for some medicines.
Wind fresh north-west at noon, which brought rain-clouds.