Fourth Journey (MS 107/3/1-2)

4th August 1779


[4th August 1779]

term: 60 - 77 - 63
schoon weer stil. n:w: betrokken met den avond

brete 46 gr van 't Zenith 40
n: declin: 17 15
gra: 29 m 25

miswysing 19 ½ gr n:w:

twe voet onder dit sand was harde potklei. vind nog geen strata rotsen onse hottentotten hadden gisteren vier wyfjes en een mannetjes leeuw in de sand rivier gespoort, en horen brullen.
vertrokken westelyk langs dese rivier die even liep en als alle caro rivieren een vlak breed bed had, met kleine doornbomen doordien den oliphanten die af eten. spanden na drie uren swaar sand pad, by den rivier uit.


[4th August 1779]

Thermometer: 60-77-63.
Fine weather, calm. North west wind.
Overcast in the evening.

Degrees from the Zenith. 46 40
Northerly declination 17 15
degrees 29 minutes 25

Error 19 ½ degrees North-West

Hard clay two feet under this sand. Still found no rocks with strata. Yesterday our Hottentots tracked four female and one male lions in the Sand River and heard them roar. Departed westerly along this river which was only just flowing and had a flat, wide bed like all Karoo rivers, with the thornbushes small because the elephants eat them down. After three hours on a heavy sand track outspanned at the river.