Fourth Journey (MS 107/3/1-2)

30th August 1779


[30th August 1779]
30 maandag

frisse zuide passaat wind.
term 52 - 65 - 50.

vertrokken zuidelyk en in onse vorige weg na drie uren rydens komende, z:o op en na seven en een half uur in het geheel, arri: aan de diepe Cloof Waterval fontein. spanden om een uur s'morgens uit. de zuidelyke wind gaat gemeenlyk enige uren na sons ondergank leggen. en was seer kout en sterk omtrent sons ondergank dog ging om tien uren met maans opkomen leggen. myn hand was seer pynelyk en geswollen, zynde voornamentlyk gekomen dat myn hongerige hond keiser een stuk vlees willende geven hy in haast de hand mede vatte. 't geen myn jonge koerikei, die er om lagte enige oorvygen deed krygen.


[30th August 1779]
30 Monday

A fresh southerly trade wind.
Thermometer: 52-65-50.

Departed southward and came into our previous road after three hours; travelling south-east after seven and a half hours in all reached the Diepkoof (Waterval Fontein). Outspanned at one o’clock in the morning. The southerly wind generally drops some hours after sunset; and was very cold and strong around sunset, but dropped later at about ten o’clock when the moon rose.
My hand was very painful and swollen; largely because, wishing to give my hungry dog Keizer a piece of meat, in his haste he took my hand with it. This made my boy Koerikei laugh and got him a few cuffs over the ear.