Fourth Journey (MS 107/3/1-2)

28th July 1779


[28th July 1779]

brete van 't zenith. 49
noord declin: 19
geeft gr:
30 0

[in margin:] miswysing kon niet regt krygen barom 27d 7t geeft 2080 voet engels.

term: 44 - 70 - 50
gepasseerde nagt regen uit den zuidwesten. met den middag opklarend den avond dik betrokken zuid.
had vandaag en gisteren de koorts,


[28th July 1779]

Latitude degrees from the zenith 49
Declination North 19
giving degrees: gr:
30 0

Could not get the right correction. Barometer 29 inches 7 tenths giving 2080 English feet above sea level.

Thermometer: 44-70-50.
Rained from the south west last night, Clearing up towards afternoon; in the evening heavily overcast in the South.
Had fever yesterday and today.