Fifth Journey (MS 107/4)

31st January 1786


[31st January 1786]

vertrokken s’morgens W. op de cloof door in 1½ uur en in een ½ uur ossewagen ryden tot hoeridap Weduwe van der merven daar na in 5 en ½ uur sterk ossewagen rydens met een draay om de bergen o.z.o. om oliphants rivier op tot A: Nortier.
vonden hier de druiven even ryp te worden en andere vrugten meer in overvloed.

goed. weer. even z.o. lugtje
term 70 ­ 87 ­ 67
hoogte boven de zee by Nortie ooster oliphants riv. begin.
agtermiddag fors z.o.
betrokken en koud ganschen nagt en s’morgen koud betrokken en sterk o.z.o.


[31st January 1786]

Departed west in the morning and in 1½ hours had travelled through the kloof and in ½ hour’s ride with ox-wagon reached the farm Horidap of widow Van Der Merwe; after which in 5½ hours’ rapid travel with an east-south-east turn around the mountain to the Oliphants River where we reached A. Nortier’s [Nortjé]
Here we found the grapes were just ripening and other fruit in abundance.

Good weather.
Light south-east breeze.
Thermometer: 70-87-67.
Height above sea-level at Nortjé [not redcorded]
The easterly Oliphants river begins
Wind brisk south-east in the afternoon.
Cold and overcast the whole night, in the morning cold,
overcast with a brisk east south-east wind.