Third Journey (MS 107/2)

13th November 1778


[13th november 1778]
d 13

brete 75
brete 15
18 4
**33** **4**

frisse w:z:w: helder passaat weer en lugt.
term 56 ­ t 76 d t 50 t

vertrokken na Jagers Fontein die sewen uren arriveerden west van hier legt dog
quamen, niet verder als by meintjes plaats. zynde met enige hotten
[in margin:] daarmede prate en schoot opgehouden om half tien regen, kout w z:w: fris wind.


[13th November 1778]

90 0
Latitude 75 0
brete 15 0
18 4
**33** **4**

Fresh wind west south-west, clear trade-wind weather and sky. Thermometer 56 degrees to 76 degrees falling to 50 degrees.

Departed for Jagersfontein which lies seven hours west of here; but got no further than Meintje’s farm where we had talks with some Hottentots and were thus held up. Rain at half past nine. Fresh, cold west-southest wind.