Third Journey (MS 107/2)

14th November 1778


[14th november 1778]

[in margin:] vannagt met buyen geregent
coers na jagers van rietfontein west 6½ a 7 myl tot de vos w z w ½ west by Jagersfontein veel geelagtig sand over de andee grond het gebergte zeer schurft irregulier cos ook rosse met veel mica veel quarts stenen in de weg.
term dese morgen met son 38. om 9 uur term 42 Gr. wat sneew witte water een uur o t z van Jagersf: arriveerde na 3 uren by Jagersfont zanderige weg over de naturelyke grond. door een grote afdragende vlakte aan de linkerhand met kopjes. vier uren na de draay daar de tow of ass rivier langs loopt.
[in margin:] lage schofde tegen de bergen
Jan de boer aan de regterhand: by de crabbe riv: tussen de draay en Jan de boer in namgas veel caros. dew agter by Jacobs uitkomt en ook in de touw loopt is de grootste brak en sand rivier. droog van onse linkerzy. ook w op in de touw. arriveerde na 8 uren by hartebeest fontein daar de tow langs loopt. ook een kleine vlakte. aan de linkerhand kopjes. w z w wind koud 50 met son 38 om 9 42 t 50 d:t: 54 opklarend iets z:o:


[14th November 1778]

Tonight it rained with showers.
Route west from Rietfontein to Jagersfontein, 6½ to 7 miles west; to De Vos west south-west half west. At Jagersfontein much yellowish over the other soil, the mountains having very irregular plates of Cos, also many reddish ones with much mica; many quartz stones in the road.
Thermometer; at dawn 38 degrees, at 9 o’clock, 42 degrees. Some snow.
Wittewater is an hour east by south of Jagersfontein. Arrived at Jagersfontein after three hours.
Sandy path over the underlying soil, through a great downhill plain, with koppies at the left. Low angled strata along the mountain. Four hours to the bend which the Touw, or Ass River makes, Jan de Boer’s is on the right at Crabbe River .Between the bend and Jan de Boers the Crabbe flows into the Namgas (or “many carosses) which rises behind Jacobs’s and also runs into the Touw, which is the largest. The dry brack and sandy river, on our left side, also flows westwards into the Touw. Arrived after eight hours at Hartebeestfontein, past which the Touw flows ; also a small plain on the left with koppies. The wind west south-west, cold. 50 degrees, 38 at dawn, 42 and nine rising to fifty, then to 54, clearing up in the south east.