Fifth Journey (MS 107/4)

5th February 1786


[5th February 1786]

bleev hier om de sware kneusing aan my been

5 van nagt wat geregent
S’morgens westelyk windje
dysig en wat betrokken
sware donder met regen in den agtermiddag uit den westen.
term: 70 ­ 98 ­ 90
de wolf of hyaena kwam van [continues on page 33:] nagt by de werf
sodat de honden een yselyk leven maakten.
dit is de eerste die ik in lang hore, hy had de ossen uit het veld na de werf gejaagt, dog kreeg niets.


[5th February 1786]

Remained here on account of the heavy bruising on my leg.

5 Rained a little tonight.
Light westerly wind in the morning. Hazy and somewhat overcast.
Heavy thunder and rain i during the afternoon from the west.
Thermometer: 70-98-90.
A wolf or hyena came into the werf tonight [continues on p.33:] so the dogs made a terrible noise. This is the first I have heard for a long time. It drove the oxen into the werf from the veld but it did not catch any.