Fifth Journey (MS 107/4)

2nd March 1786


[2nd March 1786]

observeerde vond de brete 33˚ ­ 45' ­­ 25"
vertrok vorig pad na de weduw de pre in het begin drie uur te paard van lange cloof. n:b: de linkerhands bergen houden niet aan.

betrokken lugt en deinsig so als meest na donder alhier w: lugtje.
Term 65 ­ 77 ­ 70


[2nd March 1786]

Took my observations. Found the latitude: 33 degrees 45 minutes 25 seconds.
Departed on my former road to the widow De Pré at the start of the Lange Kloof (three hours on horseback.) N.B. the mountains do not continue on the left hand side.

Overcast sky and hazy as it mostly is after thunder here. Westerly breeze.
Thermometer: 65-77-70.