Fifth Journey (MS 107/4)

28th February 1786


[28th February 1786]

arriveerde na een uur aan essebos en 1½ in myn vorig pad by N bouer aan de Caredouw en na twe uur by thomas ferreira. Jagersbos.

goed weer iets z.o.
bewolkt op de bergen ten z
term 68 ­ 79 ­ 70
so als meest alle agtermiddag


[28th February 1786]

Reached Essenbos in an hour and in one and a half hours on my previous road, N. Bouer on the Careedouw. In a further two hours was at Thomas Ferreira’s Jagersbos.

Good weather. Wind somewhat south-east Overcast on the mountains to the south.
Thermometer: 68-79-70.
As it is on most afternoons