Third Journey (MS 107/2)

3rd November 1778


[3rd november 1778]

reden weder na de Rhinoster. vonden hem zeer geswollen en met sterke reuk. het weer betrokken dog twe uur son klaarde op
N z:o: stil en warm term 64. t 87 d t. 75 ½ middern. half twe s’nags 65. was gansch niet wel. slagten het dier af om het vel als een specimen te bewaren. het vlees was reeds bedurven.
vertrokken z w aan met vele draayen ten minsten 20 maal door het hier nu kleine riviertje gamka. en spanden na 6 en ½ uur sterk rydens met de ossewagen om ½ twe s’nags by hetselve uit: schone maneschyn goede weg, by de rivier vol doornbomen alles afdragend caro klippig Z W wind slappe koelte.


[3rd November 1778]

We rode over to the rhinoceros again. Found it very swollen and smelling strongly. The weather overcast, but at two o’clock there was sun and it cleared up. South-east wind. Calm and warm. Thermometer: 64 degrees to 87 degrees falling to 75½ degrees at midnight; at half past one in the night 65 degrees Was not at all well.
We cut the animal up in order to preserve the skin as a specimen. The meat was already rotten.
Left in a south-westerly direction with many turns and crossed at least twenty times the Gamka, which is now a small rivulet. After travelling hard for six and a half hours with the ox wagons we made camp by the same rivulet at half past one at night. Beautiful moonlight. Good going. There are many thorn trees by the river. It is all downhill; stony Karoo-veld. South-west wind. Soft and cool.