Third Journey (MS 107/2)

31st December 1778


[31st December 1778]

[in margin:] son ging onder in’t W:Z:W:
barometer aan Soetwater fontein 27 ­ 4.
Schoon weer fris west: term 65 ­ 82 ­ 71. S’nags om 12: 62 gr. ten n n w by de pramberg een ½ myl

cours tot Soetwater fontein W t Z 3 gr W 3½ myl:
eerst een draay door het z:w: langs downoes riv: om de hantams berg
punt van ḱevete of roep niet berg ook 3½ myl o: t: z: 4 gr z.
hadden eerst veel vlakte daar na ruggig by de pramberg. waar na sterk afdaalden alles het vorige bosjes veld weinig klippen goede weg.


[31st December 1778]

Sun went down in the west-south-west.
Barometer at Soetwaterfontein 27 inches and ­ 4 tenths.
Fine weather. Fresh west. wind. Thermometer: 65 - 82 - 71; at night at 12 o’clock: 62 degrees. In the north-north-west, the Pramberg, half a mile.

Route to Soetwaterfontein, west by south, 3 degrees west, three and a half miles; first a turn to the south-west along the Douwnes River, around the Hantamsberg; at the tip of the Kevete or Roep-Niet Mountain, also three and a half miles east by south 4 degrees south.
At first we had many plains but thereafter, from the Pramsberg, ridges after which it went steeply downhill. Everywhere the same brush country with few stones;­ a good road.