Third Journey (MS 107/2)

16th December 1778


[16th December 1778]

warm schoon weer. met een frisse oost: windje die het dragelyk maakte en met de son omliep term: 70 ­ 86 ­ 73.

vertrokken n:o: op met een draay door dit laag gebergte. daar na n:o: t:o: op de helft. en arriveerde na vyf uur rydens seer sandig pad met bosjes de namgas rivtje op, by de vee plaats van Pinar dus genaamt. daar uitspanden. dit zyn hier alle tamelyk vlakke kommen met laag gebergte omgeven.
de stratas confuus en als met platen bepleistert. cos. weinig kwarts. schaars van water. peilde hexerivier sneeuwberg by de vos. w:z:w: 6½ myl. bar: 27 ­ 1.


[16th December 1778]

Fine, hot weather with a fresh easterly breeze which veered as the day progressed, making the heat bearable. Thermometer: 70 - 86 - 73.

We departed to the north-east with a turn through this low mountain range. Thereafter north-east by east and after a five-hour ride along the Namgas rivulet, on very sandy track with shrubs, arrived at Pienaar’s stock–farm, which has the same name, and outspanned there. The lands consists of flattish basins here surrounded by low mountains. The strata are mixed and as though covered with slabs. Cos; a little quartz. Shortage of water. Took bearings on Hex River; the Sneeuwberg at De Vos, west-south-west six and a half miles. Barometer 27 inches and 1 tenth.