Fifth Journey (MS 107/4)

5th December 1785


[5th December 1785]
5 maandag
en na vele soekens klommen wy langs de krantsen af en kwamen, na drie uren by Capt: Mulder aan.

5 z.o. lugtje warm door den dag
term: 60 ­ 89 ­ 80

vonden in den morgenstond veel en lekker water op de klippen het geen ons verfriste

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gerrit Smit kwam ten 10 uren aan geheel af, hy seide veel koude boven op de berg uitgestaan te hebben, schoon hy er vuur gemaakt had, het geen wy niet, om den donker en gebrek aan hout konden doen.

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[5th December 1785]
5 Monday
tried to go further yesterday evening. After much searching about we climbed down the cliffs and after three hours reached Captain Mulder’s.

South-east Breeze. Hot during the day.
Thermometer 60-89-80.

Found much good-tasting water lying in the stones in the morning. It refreshed us greatly.

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Gerrit Smit came all the way down at ten o’clock. He said he had to endure great cold on the top of the mountain although he made a fire there (which we were unable to do because of the dark and lack of fire wood).

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