Fifth Journey (MS 107/4)

1st March 1786


[1st March 1786]
1 maart

ging op de bergen ten Zuiden en kon de hele districtie van Sitse Camma tot plettenbergs baay oversien. peilde alles af vond dese hoge berg 6000 voet hoog en tomas ferreira plaats 1890. boven de zee

schoon weer s’morgens dog namiddag z.o. en s’avonds donder uit den n.w.

term 70 ­ 94 ­ 82.


[1st March 1786]
1 March

Went up the mountains to the south and was able to see across the whole district of Tsitsikamma to Plettenberg Bay. Took bearings on eveything and found that this high mountain was 6000 high and Thomas Ferreira’s farm 1890 feet above sea level.

fine weather in the morning but a south-east wind in the afternoon and thunder from the north-west in the evening.
Thermometer: 70-94-82.