Fifth Journey (MS 107/4)

11th January 1786


[11th January 1786]

ging met hem en eenen slagter akkerman na de berg en examineerde alles naauwkeurig
reden met den avond na twe uren op de rand van Comsberg by de veeplaats nu van cloete.

koel dog helder wind z.o. telyk savons stil
term 60 ­ 80 ­ 75
n.b. als men de yserklippen van dese berg oppervlakkig besiet, sou men hen voor volcanique producties verklaren dog er is geen crater.


[11th January 1786]

Went with him and a certain butcher, Akkerman, to the mountain and examined everything carefully. In the evening travelled for two hours up the ridge of the Comsberg to the stock-farm now belonging to Cloete.

Cool but clear. Wind wouth-easterly. Calm in the evening.
Thermometer: 60-80-75.
N.B. Looking superficially at the iron-stones of this mountain one would take them to be the product of volcanic action; but there is no crater.