Panorama of Mossel Bay, seen from the north east

[Lower margin, Hand G:]
Gesigt van de Mosselbaaij. genomen den 22 Februarij 1778. R: J: Gordon dit is de beste baay van dese kust, tot Rio la goa. uitgenomen baay Fals.

[within the image:]
Noord. een quart oost.

dese schakel bergen is hier omtrent twe mylen van zee, zy is deselve die voorby swellendam schiet en by Caap das Serras, of na onse benaming, Sitse Camma, eindigt.

outeniquas land

hier beginnen de bossen

brakke rivier inloop

oost half zuid

dit eilandje of liever rots ligt twe snaphaan schoten uit de wal so dat men er de robben op sien kan

X van dit punt is het gesigt genomen

oost ten Zuiden

hier zyn twe schone sandige landings baayen voor boten.

aan dese zyde een water fontein

zuid een quart oost

[Lower margin, Hand G:]
View of Mossel Bay, taken on the 22nd February 1778. R:J: Gordon. This is the best bay on this coast, up to Algoa, with the exception of False Bay.

[within the image:]
North, a quarter east

This chain of mountains is here about two miles from the seay; it is the same that runs alongside Swellendam and ends at the Cape Das Serras, or as named by us Tsitsikamma

Outeniquas Land

Here the forest begin

Mouth of the Brak River

East half south

This small island, or rather rock, is two musket shots distance from the shore so that one can see the seals on it

X: the view was taken from this point

East by south

Here there are two good sandy landing-bays for boats.

On this side a spring of water

South a quarter east.

Object data

  • Place: Mossel Bay
  • Date: 22nd February 1778
  • Size: h 29.5 cm × w 301.7 cm
  • Object nummer: RP-T-1914-17-62