View of the mouth of the Orange River from the west-south-west

[In lower margin, hand G:]
Gesigt van de Oranjes rivier daar hij in zee loopt. op de brete van 28 graden 32 min: zuid.

[within the image:]
men siet dat door de sware branding selfs geen schuit uit zee in dese mond kan komen brete der opening 100 roeden
mond der oranjes rivier in het zuidwest

[In lower margin, hand G:]
View of the Orange River where it runs into the see; at the latitude of 28 degrees 32 minutes south

[within the image:]
From the heavy breakers it can be seen that not even a skiff could come into this mouth from the sea.
Width of the opening, 100 roods.
Mouth of the Orange River in the south west, half west.

Object data

  • Place: Mouth of the Orange River
  • Date: 17th to 24th August 1779
  • Gordon spent several days exploring the mouth of the river and its environs.

  • Size: h 29.2 cm × w 261.4 cm
  • Object nummer: RP-T-1914-17-61