Map of Plettenberg Bay

Keurboom Rivier

2 Boere Wooninge

Brachich Rivier

above Water

Goemkaka Riv.

above Water

Great Rivier

Kenbare Piek

Boere Wooning

Pisan R.

Fresh Water

Kenbare Cliff

Robbe Hill

A Scale of 3 Dutch Miles ... 15 to a Degree

Object data

  • Place: Plettenberg Bay
  • This is a crude copy of a map made by François Duminy in 1786, for which see Brommer 2009, p.338. The inscription appears to be in Hand S2, but the strange mixture of Dutch and English is not easy to explain.

  • Size: h 40.5 cm × w 53 cm
  • Object nummer: RP-T-1914-17-4