Panorama of Plettenberg Bay, seen from an elevation at the mouth of the Keurbooms River

[In lower margin, hand G:]
Gesigt van Plettenbergs baaij. bij keurbooms riviers mond, van de hoogte genomen. R:J: Gordon.

[within the image, hand G:]
noord oost.

oost halfnoord.
wilde buffels.
wilde buffels
keurbooms rivier
uitstekende rif

witte drif riviertje
punt van land zuid ten ooste
goede ankergrond
pisang riviertje

zuid west.

[In lower margin, hand G:]
View of Plettenberg Bay, at the mouth of the Keurbooms River, taken from the elevation. R:J: Gordon

[within the image, hand G:]
North east bushes

east half-north
wild buffaloes
wild buffaloes
Keurboom River
Reef jutting up

Wittedrif stream
End of the land, south by east
Good anchorage
Pisang River

South West

Object data

  • Place: Plettenburg Bay; Keurbooms River
  • Date: 15th February 1778
  • Gordon’s journal entry for 15th February mentions the elevation, the buffalo, the reef and other elements included in the drawing.

  • Size: h 41.5 cm × w 243 cm
  • Object nummer: RP-T-1914-17-38