Robert Jacob Gordon at the kraal of the Khoisan leaders Gronjam and Doroep, with an ox being slaughtered as a peace ritual

[In lower margin, hand G:]
Gesigt van het land, op de 31ste graad Z: brete, en 2 gr: Oost lengte, van de Caap. met het gesigt van de bosjesmans Craal van de Capteins Gronjam en doroep: met hunne manier van, vrede, slagten, so als ik met hun maakte den 5 Januarij 1779. bij de fontein Camdeni.

[In lower margin, hand G:]
View of the land on the 31st degree latitude south, and 2 degrees longitude east from Cape Town with a view of the Bushmen kraal of the chieftans Gronjam and Doroep, with their manner of peace-slaughtering such as I experienced with them on 5 January 1779 at the Camdeni spring.

Object data

  • Place: The source of the Camdini River, near the modern town of Loeriesfontein.
  • Date: 5th January 1779
  • V.S. Forbes: Pioneer Travellers in South Africa, p.104 suggests that the ritual slaughter indicates that Gordon had been negotiating with these chiefs; he also notes that the latitude is more likely to be 30 degrees 50 minutes south.

  • Size: h 41.3 cm × w 52.6 cm
  • Object nummer: RP-T-1914-17-32