View of Robben Island from a distance of one hour south south-east from the shore

[In lower margin, hand G:]
Gezigt van het robben eiland, wanneer men van hetzelfde naar de Caap zeilt, hebbende het eiland op de distantie van een uur,

[referencing letters within the image:]
de vlaggestok A n: west half noort en de walvis
b west noord west. onse Cours z: oost ten zuiden of half zuid
c de reede der lands boten,
d de huisingen des garnisoens en banditen,
e huisen en tuinen der invalides, gegageerden.

genomen den 6 Augustus 1777 R:J: Gordon

[In lower margin, hand G:]
View of the Robben Island when one sails from the same to Cape Town with the island at a distance of one hour.

[referencing letters within the image:]
The flagpole A:, west half north, and
Whale Rock b:, west by northwest. Our course south-east by south or half south.
c: The anchorage of the land’s boats.
d: Lodgings of the garrison and exiled prisoners.
e: Lodgings and gardens of the invalids and discharged soldiers

Taken on the 6th of August, 1777. R.J. Gordon.

Object data

  • Place: Robben Island
  • Date: 6th August 1777
  • On 24th April 1779 Gordon sent “perspectives and plans” of Cape Town and False Bay to the griffier Hendrik Fagel to be handed to the Stadholder Willem V, adding that he was sending copies to the Advocate F.W. Boers. The version of GA-17-24 now in the Nationaal Archief, The Hague (inv. 4 Topo 15.120B) is likely to be one of these, probably the Stadholder’s. For an exact replica of GA-17-24, see GA-17-30.

  • Size: h 28 cm × w 66 cm
  • Object nummer: RP-T-1914-17-24