View of the Augrabies Falls on the Orange River

[In lower margin, hand G:]
De Grote Waterval of Cataract in Oranjes rivier, bij de inwoonders Garie of Ein genaamt: hietende zij dese plaats, Awkoerebies. op de brete van 28 gr: 32 min: z. lengte 2 gr: 12 min: oost van de Stad de Caap.

[In lower margin, hand G:] The great waterfall or cataract in the Orange River, which is called Garie or Ein by the local inhabitants. They have named this place Awkoerebies [Augrabies]. On the latitude of 28 degrees 32 minutes south, and longitude 2 degrees 12 minutes. East of Cape Town.

Object data

  • Place: Augrabies Falls
  • Date: 15th October 1779 or 16th October 1779
  • Size: h 44.1 cm × w 105.7 cm
  • Object nummer: RP-T-1914-17-20