Bos taurus: Cape cow and calf

[In upper margin, hand G:]
Caapse koey en kalf den 16 oct 1778

Ryn voet duim
lengte van snuit tot staart 7 10
der hoorens volgens kromte 1 11½
der staart 2 2
hoogte van voren 4
van agteren 4

[In upper margin, hand G:]
Cape cow and calf. 16 October 1778.

Rhineland feet inches
length from snout to tail 7 10
the horns following the curves 1 11½
the tail 2 2
height from front 4
from behind 4

Object data

  • Place: The farm of Mattheus Johannes de Beer in the Camdeboo (see GA-17-27).
  • Date: 16th October 1778
  • Gordon was at J.De Beer’s farm on 7th to 11th October 1778, returning on 21st October and remaining until the 27th. Schumacher presumably drew this ox (and other domestic animals) during his absence.

  • Size: h 23.4 cm × w 32.8 cm
  • Object nummer: RP-T-1914-17-184