Third Journey (MS 107/2)

5th November 1778


[5th november 1778]

termom: 57 t 72 d t 55.
ooste koele wind even regen droppen.
trokken z w aan, passeerden de droge gamka weder enige malen ook enige droge spruiten die van het n: kwamen, en spanden na 7 uren rydens weder by de rivier uit. forsse z:o: met wat regen met den middag en ganschen dag. passeerden nog het selfde veld zagen een koedoekoei in de doorns, hy heeft geen hoorns. konden hem niet krygen. waaren den nagt besig om myn weggelopen paart te vangen. dat desen morgen


[5th November 1778]

Thermometer: 57 degrees to 72 degrees dropping to 55 degrees. Cool east wind. A few drops of rain.
Departed south-west; passed the dry Gamka again a few times, also some dry streams which come from the north, and oustpanned at the river again after seven hours' travel. At midday a strong south-east wind with some rain towards noon, and the whole day through. We passed through the same kind of veld. We saw a kudu cow in the thorn trees; it had no horns; we could not get it. Last night we were trying to catch my runaway horse, which we only found this morning, 6th November. It is said that there are many lions to be seen here; we were not aware of any. Today we found two abandoned farms along the river. Shot a large hawk.