Second Journey (MS 107/1/1-2)

18th October 1777


[18th-19th October 1777]
18 en 19

nog te swellendam, assisteerden by een predicatie die door een sieketrooster voorgelesen wierd. trekkende die man dan hier dan daar, doordien hier geen predicant is. er was maar ene boer, schoon er velen in de valey gecampeert lagen met hunne wagens om te exerceren.
aten van een zeekoe, en rhinoster het eerste smaakt veel na spek, dog harder, ook niet volkomen als spek, dog de erte soupe sou imand bedriegen,(het voor verkens soup eten) het rinoster vlees was hard en onaangenaam zynde beide enige tydt gezouten.

[annotated on page 25:] 18 s'morgens agt uur 56 middag 75 om 10 s'avons 55 warm weer stil w. 19 s'morg agt 60 midag 70 S'avonds ses uur 63 – ½ westewind betrokke lugt soel als donderlugt een weinig regen by en in ’t gebergte


[18th and 19th October 1777]
18 and 19

18.Thermometer: 56 degrees at 8 o'clock in the morning. 75 degrees in the afternoon. 55 deg at 10 o'clock in the evening. Hot weather. Calm.
19. Thermometer: 60 degrees at 8 in the morning. 70 degrees at midday. 63½ at six o'clock in the evening. West wind, overcast sky, sultry, as with a thundery sky. A little rain close to and in the mountains.

Still at Swellendam. Attended a sermon which was read out by a sick-comforter. This man treks here and there their being no minister here. There was only one farmer present although there were many camping out in the valley in their wagons in order to take part in the military exercises.
Ate some hippopotamus and rhinoceros. The first tastes much like bacon but is tougher, not as tasty as bacon: though in the pea-soup it could have deceived anyone into thinking it pork. The rhinoceros meat was tough and unpleasant, both having been salted for some time.