Fourth Journey (MS 107/3/1-2)

16th September 1779


[16th September 1779]

term 42 - 60 - 50 z:o: fris.
gepasseerde nagt iets gevroren kout geweest.

ging op de hoogste kop digt benoorden engelbregts huis, vond de hoogte boven de zee 3130 voet, dus 1050 hoger als Engelbregt peilde Coussies mond heuvels n:w. ½ w kamies hoogste punt, by Cloete, waarop enige sneeuw dog die namiddag gesmolten was, z:o 3 myl de punt van beukes n:o: ½ o. 1 myl. twe myl de noordelykste punt n:o: leentjes riviers mond w:t:n: Spoeg riviers z:w:t:w: ½:w: waren besig met alles te drogen en klaar te maken.


[16th September 1779]

Thermometer: 42-60-50.
Fresh south east wind. It froze a little last night. Was cold.

I went up the highest point close to Engelbregt’s house to the north. Found the height above sea level was 3130 ft., therefore 1050 higher than at Engelbregt’s. Took bearings on the hills at the mouth of the Kouwsie River: north west half west; the highest peak of the Kamiesberg at Cloete’s: south east 3 miles (there was some snow on had all melted after noon); Beukes’ peak: north east half E. one miles; two miles away — the most northerly point north-east, the mouth of the Leentjes River, west by north; Spoeg River’s south west by west. half west. We were busy drying off everything and making ready.