Fifth Journey (MS 107/4)

20th December 1785


[20th December 1785]
20 dingsdag

nam de brete en vond 32˚ ­ 20' ­ 6".
reden na het strand de valey af in drie quartier daar een soutpan is door dien de zee met hoog water over spoeld, gingen om de seer klippige punt van desen sandige inham, alle dese strata leggen horisontaal dog sien iets na de zee, is al de selve kwarts kleine korl steen dog met seer grote quarts keien vol gesaaijt. reden in twe uren te rug.

goed weer iets meer wind
dog t selve coers.
term 72 ­ 84 ­ 80

enige hottentotten kwamen klagen dat men hen van hier verdreven hadden dog seiden dat hun Capitein kees of soutsak goejeman met een brief van de governeur te rug kwam om hen hun oude plaats weer te geven.


[20th December 1785]
20 Tuesday.

Took latitude and got 32 degrees 20 minutes 6 seconds. Rode down the vlei to the shore in three quarters of an hour where there is a salt-pan through which the sea washes at high tide. We went round the point (very rocky) of this sandy inlet. All these strata lie horizontally but do face the sea slightly. It is all the same, small granular quartz rock, but with very large quartz pebbles distributed in it. We rode back in two hours.

Good weather. A little more wind but from the same direction.
Thermometer: 72-84-80.

Some Hottentots came complaining that they had been driven out from here but said that their chief Kees (or Soutsak) Goejeman had returned from the Governor with a letter giving them back their old dwelling place.