Fifth Journey (MS 107/4)

11th December 1785


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[11th December 1785]
11 sondags

vertrok met den dag na de plaats van Jacob losper 5 quartier uurs gaans van hier, (een klein half uur van de rivier. vond hier kalk stenen in het sand, en goede tuingroentens. wordende seer vriendelyk onthaalt.) genaamt welkom west 10 gr: n. even benoorden heuning klip.

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goed weer weer stil s’morgens
z.w. met den middag.
term. 78 ­ 86 ­ 80


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[11th December 1785]
11 Sunday.

Departed at daylight for the farm of Jacob Losper [Loubser], one and a quarter hours’ from here; a bare half hour from the river. Found lime stones in the sand and good garden vegetables. Was entertained in a most kindly manner. It is called Welkom: West 10 degrees north; just to the north of Honingklip.

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Good weather. Calm.
Calm again in the morning.
Wind S.W. in the afternoon.
Thermometer: 78-86-80.